ScanAlert Systems

The ScanAlert System is a hard-wired communication system that is simple in design, installation, maintenance and modification.

The Scan Alert System utilises a closed loop bus system. All the smarts to the system are contained within each call point. This equates to less potential break down points as there is no need for room controllers and modules to be installed throughout the installation.

The digital closed loop bus system can also be used for LED displays to be installed throughout a facility without the need of a computer system or other controllers to run the displays.

The simple design and the closed loop bus makes installation cost effective. A single cable carries all the data and loops from device to device making installation very economical.

The Scan Alert System complies with Australian Standard AS3811.

A large variety of call points and modules are available to customize the system to suit individual requirements. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Nurse Call points
  • Staff Assist points
  • Emergency points
  • Over door light indicators
  • LED displays from 4 character up 16 characters
  • Analogue input modules
  • Output modules